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Colorado's Blackjack Pizza is renovating stores, boosting advertising in effort to gain market share - Denver Business Journal

The moves are the most substantial that have been made since Askar Brands — a Michigan-based company that owns seven restaurant chains, including four in the pizza space — purchased Blackjack in 2012. And while Blackjack COO Robert Carmignani said the concept could look at expansion in the future, this push is meant to drive more people to the restaurant and to generate more repeat business in an effort to take a greater percentage of local pizza sales. “We wanted the store to reflect the high quality of the products we are serving,” Carmignani said. “We know from our research and our experience that when your brand and your in-store experience have an aligned message, that will drive more traffic.” The first Blackjack opened in 1983 in Denver, and it since has added 29 more locations throughout the state of Colorado as well as 11 more spread over the states of Montana, Wyoming, Arizona and Florida. And while the pizza sector has grown extremely competitive in the Denver metro area over the past four years, the company has grown its revenue at a pace above the restaurant industry average for the past several years, Carmignani said. Leaders, however, saw an opening to drive even more traffic, especially as more customers seek out fresh ingredients as a prerequisite to determining where to buy their meals. And with 60 percent of customers still coming into the stores for their pizza, either to pick it up for takeout or to enjoy a meal there, that entry portal to Blackjack seemed to be the best way to deepen that customer experience, he said. The prototype design of the Boulder store includes brighter hues in paint and includes natural-wood walls to reflect the Colorado experience, Carmignani explained. The response from customers has been “absolutely fantastic,” he said, and he believes that word-of-mouth compliments on the restaurant have helped to drive new traffic there. Going forward, Blackjack will discuss the renovations rather than force them upon its franchisees, who are responsible for operating 37 of the 41 existing stores, Carmignani said.

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